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Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

3/28/09 8:24 AM 




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Breaking News 

Upcoming Conference at Beloved UCC, Birmingham, AL 


HMd I Women carry the world on their shouders. We work for social 

^ltCT^L I cnan S e "" tr yi n g to save the whale or save the world. We care for 

Rpfl H aging parents or children with special needs. We carry the daily 

double burden of family and work. We are passionate about our 

work. It fulfills us. It gives us a sense of purpose. We are needed, and we need to be 


We Drink From Our Own Wells 

A Workshop for Women To Replenish and Renew 

Saturday, April 18, 9:00 - 3:00 

Offered by Mary Bea Sullivan & Angie Wright 

But sometimes we are weary and heavy-laden. Sometimes we feel that we're all alone 
and everything depends on us. Sometimes we become resentful of the work that we care 
so deeply about. Latin American activist Gustav Gutierrez says, "we drink from our own 
wells." What happens if your well goes dry? What if the water in your well becomes 
poisoned with bitterness or anger? What happens if you lose your way and no longer 
know the way to the well? How can we find our way to the well and renew ourselves, so 
that we can go back into our world and our work, carrying our loads with peace and 
gladness of heart? 

On Saturday, April 18, from 9 -3, we will together gather at the well to drink deeply. 

For more information, see attached brochure 

To register, go to 

SEC Capital Campaign Update 

The Southeast Conference has engaged Steve Havey of Havey & 
Associates to work with us as we explore the possibility of a 
Conference Capital Campaign. He has completed an extensive Needs 
Assessment Survey which he presented to the Board of Directors at 
our September meeting. If you would like to read the assessment, 
click here. 

TAP Goes to Synod ... Again! 

For the second General Synod in a row, through the generosity of the Carpenter 
Foundation, the Southeast Conference will send five Theology Among the People (TAP) 
participants to General Synod 27 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is one of the best 
ways to learn about and experience the UCC — in worship, fellowship, and governance ~ 
in one of its most diverse and covenantal expressions. 

The parameters of this opportunity are as follow: 

1. You must be an active member of a current TAP group or a graduate of TAP. 
(Preference will be given to current members and to those who have not attended 
General Synod in the past. All are encouraged to apply.) 

2. You must be able to attend the entire Synod (June 26 - 30, 2009). 

3. You must be able to provide for your own meals and amenities while at Synod. 

Register for a 2009 
GA/SC - Ala/Tenn 
Association Meeting. 

Listen to 

the 2008 

making a 
difference in the UCC. 

Theology Among the People 


Check out our Lay 
Theology Program 
called "TAP", 
Theology Among the 
People. Click here. 

Need books, 

videos or 


resources for 
' your church? 
Contact the Resource 
Connection here. 





Are you interested in 
starting a new church 
or being a part of a 
new church start? 
Click here to learn 
more about our 
Church Development 


Stay in touch with the 

work of our national 

Justice and Witness 

ministry. Click here 

to support this 


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Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

3/28/09 8:24 AM 

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Email: I 

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Discover the UCC! 

4. You must be able to provide your own transportation to and from a metropolitan 
airport close to your home. 

5. You are asked to contribute $200 to help cover the costs of the event (payable to 
Southeast Conference and due at time of confirmation of your participation). 

6. The Southeast Conference will cover the following costs (less $200 - see #5 above) 
for those who are chosen to go: 

* Registration to General Synod 

* Transportation to and from Synod 

* Hotel costs while attending Synod (double occupancy) 

* One shared meal for TAPpers at Synod 

If you are interested and have these dates available, please email Kathy Clark 
( on or before April 1st, 2009 indicating in a few paragraphs why 
you want to attend this Synod and how you will share your experiences with your TAP 
group and/or your congregation. 

Applicants will be notified of their status by April 15th. 

For further information, please contact Kathy Clark, Associate Conference Minister and 
Director of TAP, at 

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